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I'm Done.__.

2011-04-24 21:36:00 by DJChuckles

Well I'm done I think, no fans, no one to cheer me on I think this is it for now until I can come up with something that is decent, cya everyone and hope ya liked my beats for the time being heh : P


Newerish song!

2009-08-20 17:13:04 by DJChuckles /265597
is where its at!

I think I'm getting better at this song thing lol.
sooooo... whats up people?!


2009-04-26 18:06:51 by DJChuckles
Updated /232219
Rate it love it learn it? jk
Just give it a quick look! Tell me what cha think


Brand New and in works!

2009-03-30 02:58:02 by DJChuckles

Bla Bla ha Shi bla bla! /225386

New Stuff from the old again?

2009-02-26 21:26:44 by DJChuckles
Updated /216277
new old song again : P



2008-07-05 01:57:13 by DJChuckles

Time for me to start with the creative thought processing and get this music crankin!


2008-05-13 22:26:37 by DJChuckles

Well now, school's almost out and I'll have time to improve my knowledge of my music programs etc...
uhhhhhh....donno what else to say really...


: /